I figure you’re swamped and one more call you didn’t ask for, won’t help.

I’m Brian Szakolzay, a local business person, I live in Phoenix Arizona.

I have been making websites since 2014. Everything from personal,eCommerce, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, SEO, design, hosting, and domains.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

I can help fill the ‘slow times’ every contractor has. Experienced this yet?

I can help you increase new calls and get more referrals.

I also help contractors improve their online reputation. (reviews are important)

Cost? For many businesses, it adds no additional cost, but merely ‘shifts’
from lesser-performing media to better ones.

I’m currently looking to take on 5 new clients

If you’ve tried online, or if you haven’t, please accept my offer: A 30-minute phone meeting that reveals exactly how I’d use internet media to improve your sales.

If you’d like to reach me before then just contact me on my personal line at 602-690-4611. If I’m with a client, I’ll call you back within 24 hours.

One more thing. …

When we meet, I promise you it will be nothing like talking with a Yellow Pages rep or anyone else. I’m actually interested in what you’re trying to do, sales-wise.

And if my ideas don’t fit with you no worries, I’m perfectly fine with that too.


Brian Szakolzay
Internet Media Specialist
Lead Generation For
Lets Talk. I hope to hear what you need for your next project.